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Audiobook "Zone Trading" - an exclusive for readers TradeLikeaPro.ru

Hello friends traders!

Many books have been written on the subject of trading in the financial markets, but unfortunately, most of them are rubbish. But there are, without a doubt, great books. One of them is the work of Mark Douglas (who prematurely left us a couple of years ago), "Zone Trading". This book is devoted to the psychology of trading, and perhaps this is the best book on this topic.

However, such books in textual form are not convenient for everyone to read, and the modern rhythm of life does not always give time to read. We asked the famous announcer Roman Volkov to record an audio version of this wonderful book for our readers and the result was excellent. So, the Audiobook "Zone Trading" - please love and favor)

What is this book about ?

The book "Zonal Trading" discusses the psychological nuances faced by a trader, their deep understanding and ways to overcome them. You will learn to enter the “zone”, the mental state in which athletes achieve their highest results, instantly respond to changes in the situation and are not amenable to emotions. You will realize that making a profit and becoming a profitable trader are two different things. That by accepting the random nature of trading, you can generate consistent results. What you need to change your thinking about the market: think like a professional.

By tightening your psychology, you will also improve your trading results. It's unavoidable.

Mark Douglas talks more about key principles in this interview.

Benefits of an Audio Book

  • You can listen on the road;
  • To some people, sound information is better perceived than as text;
  • Boring moments (and they are there, to be honest) are easier to listen to in the form of audio);
  • Eyes do not get tired of paper or screen;
  • It can be combined with reading a text version: we read the chapter in text, then we listened to the next while walking in the park;

Audiobook "Zone Trading" online on YouTube

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