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ExcelTrader - a course that will raise your trading level up

We all have many programs installed on our computer. Moreover, many of them have become so familiar that we do not attach great importance to them. But in vain. The well-known Microsoft Excel, which is available on almost any PC, is fraught with tremendous computing power for .... trading. Yes, you heard it right, the most common Excel allows you to: check trading ideas, conduct an in-depth analysis of the market, your statistics, and even build indicator charts. And that’s not all ...

Our new professional course ExcelTrader is dedicated to using Excel as a tool for Forex traders.

Why is it necessary to study this course?

There are many reasons for this, and here are some of them.

We all understand that standard terminal reports give a limited amount of statistics. This is enough for many, but most use Myfxbook to analyze their trading. Some use paid programs to analyze expert advisor tests, for example, SQ EA Analyzer. With Excel, you can get all these statistics in any format convenient for you, and even much more! Do you want to build a profit-factor distribution chart by the hours of the day, see graphically the number of profitable trades depending on the day of the week, calculate the trade quality coefficient of your name or calculate the probability that your next trade will be unprofitable? All this and much more can be done in Excel in just five minutes.

Do you have an idea of ​​a trading system that you want to test on history, but don’t have time or desire to learn a programming language and money to pay a programmer? And indeed, to master the mql4 language you need to spend up to a month time. To hire a specialist, you have to shell out at least a hundred dollars. In this case, literally in a couple of hours you can build your system project in Excel yourself and test it on any currency pairs. Yes, in general, on any instruments, even on the graph of monthly fluctuations in hourly average temperatures of the Stavropol Territory! In this case, I remind you, you can get any statistics on your trading system, for which only you have enough imagination.

Or maybe you do not have a trading system, but you are looking for a way to create it? In Excel, you can build a whole generator of trading systems, which allows you to find dozens and hundreds of profitable trading systems.

Manual traders can use Excel to create a cozy diary of transactions with statistics expanded in comparison with many programs, various beautiful charts and a whole bunch of different statistics. And having described your trading system in your diary, you can get history testing and even optimize trading parameters in case of deterioration of results!

With Excel, you can easily analyze any data from the Internet. For example, the impact of certain news releases on the exchange rate of a particular currency, calculate the correlation between two instruments, analyze the operation of PAMM accounts and much more.

After subscribing you will get access to more than10 hours of detailed step-by-step video tutorials with homework to pin. After watching the video course, you will learn how to use the Excel program to solve any problems that may occur on the way at the trader.

Many tasks can only be solved using third-party programs. For example, compare quotes of two different brokers in order to understand their quality. Now you don’t have to puzzle over how to solve a particular problem or pay a lot of money to a programmer just to test your idea, which may be wrong. Having studied this course, you will be able to solve most of the problems that most traders face daily.

What will this course give you?

From the course you will learn:

  • Excel Basics
  • The main functions of the program: mathematical, statistical, work with text and time, etc.

You will learn:

  • Build beautiful charts and comfortable tables
  • Build charts of the main classic indicators from the MT4 terminal
  • On the machine, receive data from the network and build graphs on them

And also you will create your own:

  • Lot Calculator
  • Trader's diary with detailed statistics on transactions
  • A trading system generator that will allow you to get more than one profitable trading system
  • Trading system and test it on historical data

About course author

The author of the course is Dmitry, known on our forum under the nickname Silentspec. For a long time he worked as an engineer, using Excel daily to solve work problems. He transferred this experience to his main hobby - trading in financial markets. Dmitry almost every day uses Excel for his Forex market research.

For fifteen years now, one way or another, almost every day uses Excel for various calculations, analysis and other tasks. He believes that without knowledge of this program when trading on the Forex market, it would be as if without hands, and that it is a very powerful, flexible and convenient tool for researching markets, strategies, advisers and trading results.

As a result of studying the course, you

  • You will get an indispensable tool - an assistant in solving your daily tasks;
  • Learn to create your own books for calculating risks, testing trading systems or keeping a diary of manual trading;
  • Master a new program that will help you not only with regards to the Forex market, but also in life in general. You'll see that Excel is the perfect program for planning anything, keeping a family or personal budget. scheduling solutions to various tasks and projects, and so on;
  • Get a powerful tool with which you can infinitely explore the Forex market, which means you will get a bunch of new knowledge that will ultimately increase your profitability as a trader;
  • Learn about Excel features that will greatly complement your algorithmic trading, testing and writing advisors.

If you have long wanted to dive deeper into the world of trading, to learn the secret secrets and secret secrets hidden behind candlestick charts, but did not know with what tool you should dig,enter your contact details in the form below and click the order button. A link to a detailed video course on this tool will appear in your inbox in a few minutes.

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