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Editor'S Choice - 2019

How to put together a portfolio of strategies for a stable profit

“Even in the worst of times, I had 19 sources of income.”
Roman Abramovich

No forex strategy has 100% profitable trades. In any system, periods of subsidence are inevitable. But what if in a month you lost 20% in one strategy and earned 15% in another? It’s much easier to survive such a drawdown mentally, isn't it?

Trading books write about diversification as a means of reducing risks. But usually they mean the diversification of traded instruments. But about the diversification of methods, everyone is silent. It is time to reveal all the secrets!

We will talk about them at the webinar"How to Build a Strategy Portfolio"

Webinar program

  • How to create a flat line of profitability for your account
  • How to stop worrying about the accuracy of each transaction
  • Which strategies can be combined and which cannot
  • Weighted Tactics
  • Combination of advisors and manual tactics
  • And something for dessert ... 😉

Webinar Recording

Links made during the webinar:

Watch the video: Four Utility Stocks for a Stable Portfolio (November 2019).

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