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Editor'S Choice - 2020

March investor digest

Good day, venerable Pamm investors.
Spring is coming, spring is the way! Nature awakens, and with it activity in the financial markets. What did pamma managers come to by the beginning of spring? What pleased us, and what upset us? All the latest news, as well as recommendations on current investment opportunities, are in our digest.

Almost any type of investment requires some initial knowledge about running a particular business in order to have at least a rough idea of ​​the perceived risks and potential profitability of the entire event. PAMM accounts, by contrast, offer a modern and affordable service for everyone, which even a child can figure out. Investing in PAMM accounts is a reliable way to increase your capital. Interestingly, this type of investment does not have a clear payback period, which, however, approaches the minimum possible.

You can observe the change in the unit value of any of the accounts of this PAMM rating in almost real time. In addition, you have access to the historical chart of account profitability for the entire time of its existence, as well as detailed statistics on the number of investors and an open forum for the exchange of reviews and opinions.

Of course, as in any other rapidly developing field, there are many who want to "quickly cut the dough" and just scammers. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you in trouble! The purpose of this rating is just to find those same managers who truly know their job and confirm their reputation with real actions. As usual, consider the broker's PAMM accounts: Alpari, Instaforex, Roboforex, Alfa-Forex.

February news

According to the final reading, held on February 26, the US consumer sentiment index was at its three-month low. This suggests that the level of personal purchasing expenses is declining and people are starting to worry more about their savings. The situation largely reflects the concern in the stock market, which is now literally walking near the edge of the abyss. Despite this, the country's economy continues to expand, although not at the same pace as before. According to the most pessimistic forecasts, in 2016 the US GDP is expected to grow by 2%, given that the Fed will not adhere to the announced plan to increase interest rates.

The Chinese government is trying to restore the country's economy through measures of fixed policy and the introduction of new reforms. All this translates into a five-year plan, which is expected to be released in March. As the workforce gradually grows older, reforms are expected to lift the restriction on one child per family. But, along with this, more aggressive financial incentives can be expected to increase domestic demand. A relaxation in monetary policy should smooth out the situation somewhat and improve the country's position in emerging markets. However, even before the five-year plan is put into effect, some signs of growth are already visible. Thus, the volume of traditional bank loans continues to grow steadily. In fact, the outcome of January was almost the largest recorded, which should definitely have a positive effect on the economy in the first quarter.

ECB President Mario Draghi has already put in place enough incentives for the central bank. However, this was clearly not enough to overcome the worsening inflation forecast. Over the past two months, inflation expectations are the lowest of the recorded values. In this regard, we should expect an even greater reduction in rates at the upcoming meeting on March 10. Thus, deposit rates can reach the level of -0.50%. Due to the delayed decision of the Fed to raise rates, the pressure of the US currency on the euro decreased. Although a significant depreciation of the euro in the coming quarters is not expected, most likely, the level of 1.10 will not be overcome so far, at least for the next six months.



Yankee - the return on the last half year is 171%, the capital of the manager is 8%. When trading, a complex trading system is used with the likely opening of a large number of transactions. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the capital, given the high aggressiveness of trade. The month began very encouragingly - the peak yield was recorded at around 852%. Unfortunately, the last week was fatal and the score was almost completely merged. We exclude PAMM from the review.

FixPro - the project showed a yield of 169% over the past year, with equity of 7%. It appears that the manager has taken action and is actively recovering the losses. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the capital, given the high aggressiveness of trade. For a month + 19% profit. This month turned out to be more successful than the previous one, but the peak of January profitability is still not broken.

Soverwenstvo - the project showed a yield of 41% over the past year, with 1% of its own funds. The manager of this PAMM-project continues to amaze with a moderate level of drawdowns and high profitability indicators. We recommend investing about 5% of the capital.It seems that the fears were not unfounded and the account was leaked after a month of trading. We exclude PAMM from the review.

Grizzly - profitability for the last half year of aggressive trading -25%, with 3% of own funds. It seems that the relatively new PAMM project does not live up to the expectations assigned to it, so we advise you to temporarily refrain from investing in this manager. For a month + 8% profit. Despite a significant increase in the first week of February, the month ended with a very modest increase. Obviously, the manager has not finally decided on the trading system, which is why there is a constant chatter on the account on the spot.

Moriarti - a trader conducts aggressive trading, with a yield of 1390% over the past year, with own funds of 1.5%. Despite the fact that previously the manager allowed drawdowns of up to 60%, at the moment it is obvious that he did it meaningfully. We recommend investing up to 5% of capital. + 18% profit for February. Despite significant drawdowns in the balance sheet, PAMM continues to be profitable.

CFD USA - the profitability of this aggressive trader over the past year is 1002%, with 23% of own funds. It seems that trading exclusively with CFD instruments has its advantages, since PAMM has been showing a steady increase in profitability for quite some time now. We recommend investing up to 5% of capital. For the month + 13% profit. As for an aggressive PAMM, a trader trades quite stably - the use of a single trading system is evident. February only confirms the conjecture.

DeWiz is an aggressive trader with a yield of 393% over the past year. Has 18% of own funds. It is gratifying that the manager is clearly following his strategy, but everything spoils a large level of drawdowns. We invest no more than 5%. For a month + 60% of profit. Unfortunately, the PAMM account has been liquidated and trading on it will not continue.

AB_Elbrus is an aggressive trader with a PAMM profitability over the past year - 459%. Own funds 54%. The lack of systematic trading and drawdowns of up to 45% do not inspire confidence, but profitability indicators are still normal. We invest no more than 5%. For the month -29%. February was not the best for the manager. However, according to the trader, this is just a working moment of the trading system and in the long run we should expect updates of previous highs.

Trustoff - over the past year, the project showed a yield of 241%, with a percentage of equity of about 0.2%. The manager makes no more than one transaction per week, which allows him to prepare well for each particular entry. After a slight acceleration of the deposit, it started to grow steadily from about spring. We invest 10% of the deposit. For a month + 9% profit. It can be seen that the trader knows his job. Deserved second place in the overall ranking of Alpari.

Manul - for 6 months of trading, he earned 102%, with 11% of his own funds. The manager hopes for strict observance of risks, no more than 0.5-3% per transaction and always puts stops. It seems that a small number of transactions and a large load of the deposit are more than offset by profitability. For a month + 4% profit. Each new transaction in this account is a big event. You can only envy the excerpts of investors.

Samurayi - for the year, the yield was 99%. Own funds 1%. Trading is very tough martin which sometimes leads to both super profits and super losses. Be very careful. Investments up to 5%. For a month + 3% profit. February began with a rather serious drawdown, but by the end of the month the trader still taxied in a small plus.

Crocodile - for the year, the yield was 431%. Own funds 3%. In mid-November 2015, the account went through the acceleration phase. Trading is conducted with huge drawdowns. PAMM is in the top 10 Alpari ratings. We recommend investing up to 5%. For February + 19% profit. The growth dynamics of profitability pleases. Perhaps the same strategy should be applied to another account manager (Grizzly).

Lucky Pound - for the year, the yield was 122%. Own funds 2%. Probably the account uses martingale. Despite the fact that there is a drawdown now, the account looks very stable. In general, the account does not undergo drawdowns of more than 25%. We recommend investing 5% of the depot. For February + 10% profit. The previous maximum was at the end of October. However, according to the results of February, the account moved to the stage of active recovery.

Now let's see what has changed on the three sharply popular accounts added last month.

Albe - earned 141% in a year of trading, with 6% of its own funds. The account has existed for more than a year, until December 2015, trading was conducted with variable success, and in December a sharp acceleration began. Trading probably allows for short stops. We recommend investing 5% of the deposit. For the month + 31% profit.

GOD_zilla - for 6 months of trading, he earned 1200%, with 18% of his own funds. Trade was conducted at a loss, then profitably until January 1, 2016. Then began a sharp acceleration. With a high degree of probability, there is a Martin adviser on the account or several different ones. We recommend investing up to 5% of the deposit. Account liquidated. It seems that the fears about Martin were justified, and the bill was almost completely merged in early February.

Zapad - for the year, the yield was 51%. Own funds 10%. In December, the score went through a serious recovery. Trading is carried out in single deals with a short stop and is very profitable. We recommend investing up to 10% of the depot. Profitability for February - + 10%. The specificity of the account implies long periods of stagnation. But, if this does not bother you, you can safely invest in this PAMM.


Income and Prosperity is a moderate trader. Profitability for the year - 77%, with personal funds - 12.5%. It was in the drawdown from March to June, but competent position management allows you to keep the drawdown level below 30%. We invest 10% of the deposit. Over the month he earned -9% profit. We are waiting for recovery next month, otherwise we will reduce the size of investments.

Koal is a moderate trader. Profitability for the year - 15%, with own funds - 19%. The manager's advantage is the ability to quickly exit large drawdowns, which from time to time reach a level of 30-50%. We recommend that you refrain from investing. For February -8%. The accounts in the manager’s archive speak for themselves - an unhealthy love of drawdowns is on the face. We are waiting for recovery next month, or we remove the score from the review.

Hohla is a moderate trader with a profitability over the past year of 20%, with 48% of personal funds. The manager prefers quiet trading and drawdowns of no more than 20%. We invest up to 15% of the deposit. For the month, -2%. Unfortunately, February did not bring anything new. We exclude the account from the review.

Marcus777 is a moderate trader. For six months, the profitability of PAMM is 47%, with 7.5% of the manager’s own funds. In trading, a breakdown strategy is used, based on taking profits from the main price movement. We invest up to 5% of the deposit. For a month + 8% profit. The dynamics of profitability growth on the account is definitely pleasing. But, considering that the manager has already successfully leaked two accounts, invest with caution.

Gemmaster - PAMM's yield for the year is 95%. The growth chart looks rather conservative, probably one position is being traded at a time, stops are definitely used. We invest up to 5% of the deposit. For the month -1.7%. Apparently, February 29 is an unlucky day for many. But the impartiality of this review is unshakable, so in February we fix the loss.

Bag-764 - the new PAMM in the review. The yield for the year is 70%, with 94% of own funds. A grid scalper works on the account and, according to the manager, the strategy is time-tested. Why it was decided to open a ruble account is a mystery. There are several merged accounts in the manager’s archive, so be careful. We recommend investing up to 5% of the deposit. For the month + 13% profit.


Stability is a conservative trader. Over the past year, it reached a return of 18%, with only 1% of its own funds. Indeed, the standard of stability. Until now, drawdowns have not exceeded 7%, which is for long-term customers. We invest up to 15% of the deposit. The manager also has several other PAMM projects: Stability, Stability Turbo RUR, Stability Turbo, Stability Turbo 2. All accounts are approximately the same in terms of trading. For the month + 1.4% profit. As they say, who does not lose money - he earns it. And this manager also makes money.

Ao-HEDGE - + 222% for 6 months of trading. In the management of 19% of own funds. A very fresh and promising project. The maximum drawdown level has not yet exceeded the level of 15%, which is a good result for forex trading. The manager claims that he uses a risk hedging strategy while trading instruments from different markets. We invest up to 5% for the long term. For February we have + 3.4% profit. Very stable trade following the results of February.

Smooth growth. USD - Over the past six months, the yield is 28%, with 3.5% of the manager’s own funds. On the account, the EURUSD pair is trading, apparently, mainly at night. Also, averaging is used in the account. What pleases, the manager is aware of the riskiness of such a strategy, as a result of which he does not trade on major news and before potentially strong movements. We invest up to 10% of the deposit. For February + 6% profit. Despite the dangerous drawdown in the middle of the month, the account quickly went into positive territory and continued a steady upward movement.

Mondays. USD - + 43% for six months and about 1% of own funds. Another account of the previous manager, but with a slightly different strategy. The trading system is based on a specific price movement on Monday, relative to previous days. A robot with martingale elements is trading on the account, so you should be aware of the riskiness of investing in this PAMM. We invest up to 8% of capital. For a month + 6%. This and the previous account have something in common. Namely, the person managing them. In this regard, we see the same drawdown and a quick exit from it.

Ulitka is the new score in this review. Profitability for the time of existence is 6.3%. A very young, but promising project. There is night trading in the account with a risk per trade of no more than 0.5% of the balance. You should be careful, since the previous account with the same intentions was closed in April last year, after leaving a 30% drawdown. Hopefully, the manager corrected the shortcomings of the strategy and a similar story will not happen again. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the deposit. For the month + 3.1% profit.



oyzfr1 is a very aggressive PAMM project, with a yield of 25% for 9 months and 99% of own funds. Holds the position for a long time, which is most likely part of the averaging strategy. You can invest for a long period, but not more than 5%. On the account is going on the devil knows what. We exclude the account from the review due to the lack of the category “super-aggressive trading”.


InvestTRADE Stability 11 - the project's profitability for 9 months is 88%, with 2% of own funds. The manager uses a variation on the Martingale strategy and, according to the trader, this PAMM project focuses on the reliability of the strategy. Despite the large load of the deposit, the account feels quite confident, showing a stable level of profitability over the past few years. You can invest up to 5% of capital. + 13% for February. The next month only confirms the reliability of the chosen strategy.

Microrisk-Invest - a miracle did not happen. We exclude the account from the review.

EASY CAPITAL - the project's profitability for six months is 54%, with 3% of its own funds. Despite the very recent start, the project has already attracted many investors. The account most likely uses a variation on the averaging strategy. You can invest up to 5%. For a month + 6%. What can I say - you need to invest.


1366933 PAMM-INVEST Instaforex - This conservative trader earned 77% for 9 months, with 37% of his own funds. The manager presumably trades on news surges, which can explain the stable profitability chart. Holds no position for more than a few hours. Verdict: safely invest up to 10% of the deposit. For February + 4%. In February, the score recovered slightly, but so far only slightly.

Edo - over the past 9 months, the yield is 39%, with 67% of own funds. A single-currency trading strategy is used on the account, and the robot makes transactions. Most likely, PAMM's profitability will strongly depend on the seasonal trends of the EURUSD pair. We invest up to 5% of capital. The bill is practically merged. If trading is not resumed in March, we exclude the account from the review.



Pilaris is an aggressive trader. Over the year, the yield was 382%. In May, the previous benchmark yield chart gave way to less accurate activity. Presumably, the account has an automatic Martingale strategy adviser. Drawdowns reach 30%. Allowed investments of up to 10% of capital. In February, the loss amounted to less than 1%. At the end of the month, the account went into a small drawdown, but large losses were avoided.



Mahonin is an aggressive trader with a return of 130% over the past year and 17% of equity. The manager does not spare the deposit, and sometimes its workload is 70% or more, which may indicate a rigid averaging of positions. But, despite this, the drawdown level did not go beyond 40%, and the account has a very stable yield chart. You can invest up to 5% of the deposit. For February + 6% profit. I am glad that the manager is not involved in outstripping losses, and uses stops when necessary.

Sydney USD is a conservative PAMM project with a return of 19% over the past year and 66% of the manager’s own funds. This PAMM has almost 90% profitable trail, which indicates the manager’s ability to find the exact places for entries, and the fact that drawdowns rarely go beyond 15% - speaks about taking profit at the earliest opportunity. Allowed size of investments is 5% of capital. In February -43% profit. Chronic balance drawdowns do not contribute to earnings. If the next month ends the same, we exclude the account from the review.


EMPIRE - a conservative PAMM project with a yield of 243% over the past year. Less than 1% - own funds of the manager, while the main shares of only two investors. The manager tries to keep the drawdown level below 10%, which is to some extent due to the use of a fixed volume of positions. PAMM can be recommended for long-term investments, up to 5% of the deposit. + 57% per month. The trader continues to trade stably and profitably, although the number of transactions has even decreased.


Turboscalper - a new PAMM project in the review. Over the year, the yield was 38%. The account uses a night scalping strategy with a fixed value of stops and profits. Since the beginning of the year, there has been steady growth, before that - an insecure chatter. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the capital. For February + 23% profit.


The excessive aggressiveness of managers sometimes surprises with the results themselves, but more often leads to rather sad consequences. There is nothing wrong with this, because for this a rating was created. And the market, as we know, is ready to take advantage of even the slightest weakness. But the market is what it is. If you want to pick up more than you are allowed to, he will repay with the same coin. It is for these reasons that it is so important to correctly distribute your capital. The market today is driven by algorithms and dry math. But greed and unnecessary emotions often lead to a loss of deposit and investor confidence. But success ... He is near. Develop discipline and follow the recommendations of experienced investors, there will be nothing to present against this market.

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