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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Quantum London trading strategy - quick profit regardless of price direction

Hello friends forex traders! Surely, many of you would like to make a profit, regardless of which direction the price is moving. This approach is used in many trading advisers in the form of a grid of orders with averaging, but there is a danger of losing a deposit at any time.

But what if there is a certain trick, then what did they not know? What if there is a secret that allows you to use the grid of orders almost safely? Today, the covers will be pulled off in the vicious Forex strategy Quantum london.

Quantum London Strategy Features

Platform: Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: GBPUSD
Timeframe: M1
Trading time: 08: 00-11: 00 GMT (05: 00-08: 00 GMT)
Recommended DC: Roboforex, Exness, Forex4you

Reference Section

The idea behind TS

There is a well-known strategy known to many as the London Blast. It is based on the momentum of movement that arises at the opening of the London session. However, in front of London, Frankfurt opens in 1 hour. Many people forget about this. And, as a rule, the movements of Frankfurt and London are multidirectional.

You can make money on it. We are looking for overbought / oversold at the opening of Frankfurt, enter the market and our chances that the movement will unfold are very, very high. Also, we increase our own potential earnings by using not just one, but a whole grid of orders, adding a little averaging.

Entry and Exit Rules

The strategy uses only one indicator - Quantum. It identifies overbought / oversold areas and signals this with squares of blue (buy signal) and red (sell signal) colors.

We enter from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Moscow time (05: 00-08: 00 GMT) with a signal. As soon as the first box appears, open the corresponding order at the opening of a new candle (after the signal). On the following boxes, open additional orders. Their size varies - see the table below in the Money management block.

We exit the position when the return (opposite) signal appears. We are trying to get out before the opening of the American session. It is convenient to close all positions at once using a script CloseAllTradesCurrent (is in system files).

Trading can be carried out in manual, automatic and semi-automatic modes. Read more about this in the video review at the beginning of this post.

Money management

This strategy uses a grid of orders. The first orders will be the same size, then their size will increase, in accordance with the sequence:

Orders # 1-12 = .01 lots
Orders # 13-21 = .02 lots
Orders # 22-29 = .05 lots
Orders # 30-36 = .13 lots
Orders # 37-39 = .34 lots
Orders # 40 = .89 lots

Because the strategy uses a large number of orders, we will need a rather large deposit size. Namely, 10,000 units for every 0.01 lots (i.e. if the starting order is 0.01, then you need 10,000, if 0.02 - 20,000, etc.). But don’t worry, we have cent accounts, where 10,000 units of currency in the account are only 100 dollars. So that you do not get confused, see the table below.

Account typeMinimum lot and lot stepMin starting depositBrokers Examples
Cent (with mini lots)0.01$ 100 (10,000 cents)Forex4you, Exness
Pro accounts0.1$100000The classic type of account with most brokers


  • There are 2 templates in the archive with the TS: 1) Quantum - classic and 2) QL - template with additional auxiliary indicators. The essence of the strategy remains the same, but in the second template there are indicators of significant levels for Fibonacci and supply / demand, as well as informational additions.
  • In the days of the release of important economic news, it is better to close before their release.
  • Is it possible to trade on this strategy around the clock, and not just in the European session? Yes it is possible. But I believe that the whole essence of the original idea is lost. But if you still really want, here are the recommendations for trading in other sessions:

Start at 3:00 Moscow time to 5 Moscow time
a) In the Asian session, it is recommended to close when the return signal appears, then take a pause in front of Frankfurt and not trade.
b) If Asian orders do not close due to the lack of a return signal, then it is recommended 1 hour before the opening of Frankfurt to look for an opportunity to close the grid. Possible BU and TP in the black.
c) If there is no plus and TP, then the grid goes to Frankfurt and is resolved there.

a) In the European session, it is recommended to close only when the return signal appears.

Entrance from 15:00 to 17:00 Moscow time
We try to get out before 23:00 Moscow time
a) In the American session, it is recommended to close when the reverse signal appears, then take a break before the Asian session and do not trade.
b) If American orders do not close due to the lack of a return signal, it is recommended that 30 minutes before the close of the day look for an opportunity to close the grid. Possible BU, TP in the plus and also minus.


The Forex strategy of Quantum London has gained considerable popularity in our forum, as well as in the forex factory. And not in vain. An extremely interesting approach to using the grid of orders actually takes the disadvantages of the standard application of grid trading and turns them into advantages.

As for the time of trading, then I advise you to adhere to the original strategy, namely trading only at the European session. Round-the-clock trading is possible, but it levels the very idea of ​​this trading system. In my opinion, the best option for using this vehicle is a semiautomatic device. Those. opening and closing positions by an adviser, but with manual control and intervention, if necessary.

Watch the video: Live from TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019 (January 2020).

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