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Should I buy forex advisors?

Hello, friends! The network is full of offers to buy a “super-mega-profitable” Forex advisor. Every day in our VKontakte group, 50-100 Forex Grail sellers go to the ban, who, instead of enjoying life from profit from a magic robot, spam on social networks. So where is the truth? How to find a magic adviser that will be profitable? Is it worth it to spend your money on sweet promises touted?

Without sucker - and life is bad

99.9% of Forex robots that are trying to sell you on the Internet are fierce trash. Yes, yes, that's right, you heard right. This is an industry of deception. Beautiful pictures, promises of millions of profits for only $ 100 .... Oddly enough, gullible simpletons do not end, and therefore the industry continues its work.

Why sell a profitable adviser?

You can often come across the following argument: “Why sell an adviser if it brings good profit?”

It seems obvious that there is no need. However… . Let's say the adviser brings 3-5% per month. This is a good result, seriously. The author of the robot has $ 10,000, he opens an account and puts a robot on it. How much will he earn? $ 300-500 per month. Again, not bad, but how much will the expert’s author earn if he sells it, say for $ 100 per copy? Having sold just 10 copies in a month, the developer will earn $ 1000 already. At the same time, without risking his own capital, which he may not have.

And if it is a martingale advisor? Those. Can he lose a deposit at any time? Then the motive for the sale, instead of using it on your own account, is even more obvious.

There is also a category of “demo-graals”, that is, advisers who show profit on demo accounts, but not on real deposits ... Naturally, such programs are more profitable to sell, because you can’t withdraw demo money from your account)

So, we found out that most of the advisers on sale are trash, but occasionally there are worthwhile instances. How to calculate them?

How to identify a good adviser?

So, how to determine whether an adviser is worthy of attention?

1. Backtests

The most dubious and unreliable part of evaluating the prospects of a bot. They can be easily faked. There were even cases when scammers inserted the function of reading history into the robot so that it would show perfect results on tests, because knows in advance where the price will go.

The only advice that can be given here is that the yield line on the tests should be fairly smooth and the tests should be with a simulation quality of 99%.

2. Monitoring

Monitoring a real account is an integral part of evaluating a trading bot. If there is no monitoring, feel free to close the page. It’s also worth checking that this is a real account monitoring, not a demo.

Unfortunately, monitoring can also be faked. I wrote about monitoring authentication, but even these checks can be outwitted if desired.

3. Reviews

Naturally, it’s not worth paying attention to the reviews on the software sales page, they are written by freelance students for a couple of dollars.

It is worth paying attention to the discussion of advisers on the forums. One of the more or less adequate can be called this resource dedicated to the discussion of commercial robots. But even there, users do not always have everything in order with the perception of reality)

On our forum there is a section of Owls in Rozysk, topics with new advisers that are not yet in the “free” version are posted there. It can be used as a source of information.

Payback calculation

So, you think that the trading robot is worthy of attention and are going to purchase it. But do not forget about such criteria as return on investment.

Let's say the adviser sells for $ 200 and shows an average return of 5% per month on monitoring a real account. Accordingly, in order to recoup the costs of the adviser within 3 months (this is the recommended period, taking into account the variability of the market and the fact that you need to earn something else besides the cost of the bot), you need a deposit of at least $ 1350. Can you only afford such an account to trade this expert? If so, then you can buy software. If not, consider other options.

Not all that glitters is gold

So what conclusions can we draw? It’s definitely not worth it to advertise for miracle systems on the network. You can buy any adviser for your hard-earned money only if you have experience working with experts, an understanding of what you are doing and your proposed deposit will allow you to recoup the cost of the adviser.

In general, noteworthy paid robots, after some time they become free and appear on the Internet. Yes, and a lot of interesting developments, the authors of which share them for free. Stay tuned for new robot reviews in the Forex Advisors section, as well as on our forum.

Watch the video: Where do you get a Forex trading robot Expert Advisor? (December 2019).

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