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How to set up email notifications in MT4

Hello, comrades traders! Many forex advisors and indicators for the Metatrader 4 terminal have the ability to enable notifications by mail. Those. when the indicator sees a signal to enter the transaction, it can send you an email. Which is very convenient, especially if the signals do not occur often. Similarly, an adviser can send an email when a deal opens. The function is convenient, but in order for it to work, you need to make some settings in the terminal itself. We will talk about them below.

Set up notifications

First of all, you need to open your trading terminal and go to the "Service" - "Settings" tab:

In the window that opens, we find the mail tab. In it you can see the fields that we will need to fill out. Initially, check the box "Allow":

And then you need to specify the SMTP server for your mail provider:

At the end of this article will be a list of SMTP servers for major mail services such as Yandex or Mail.ru. But the fact is that over time they can change and in general you need to be able to find information about them on the Internet.

To do this, you need to go to any search engine and drive in the search box "smtp server ..." and then your mail provider.

Let's say it will be Yandex:

As a result, the search results open:

And following the link, we go to the help page in Yandex, where all this data is present:

In this case, we have data for incoming and outgoing mail. We will have outgoing mail. Since if you take a closer look at the settings in the terminal, you will notice that the SMTP server, mailbox and password are specified here:

Why is this required?

The fact is that he sends a notification from our mailbox to another mailbox. That is, we give him the right to send notifications somewhere else on behalf of our mailbox. Therefore, we need to specify a username and password.

In the column "From", indicate the box under which the password was entered. But in the column “To” we indicate another mailbox. Which can be generally on another mail provider. Or leave your own. But more on that later. The terminal will, on our behalf, send us notifications to another mailbox. These are just technical points, you can not worry about security.

There will be no one to spam MT4 from your face! Here you can safely indicate your data and not be afraid that someone will use it. Let's go back to the page with SMTP for Yandex. Here is the address of the mail server:

Copy and paste the server into the field:

But do not forget that we also need to specify the port, so we return back to the data page and copy the port from there. In our case, it is 465:

We register it in the terminal, immediately after SMTP. In this case, after the link, put a colon and register the port:

Similarly, you can find out the SMTP and port number for any other mail service.

Now specify the mailbox and password from it:

In the "From" field, copy our mailbox:

But in the “To” field you can specify a different box, as I wrote earlier, or you can specify the same one if you do not have a second one or if you do not want to create another one. Notifications will come to you on your behalf:

After the data is entered into the fields, you need to click the "Test" button to check the health of notifications:

At the bottom of the “Journal” tab of our trading terminal, a message appears stating that the test message has been sent:

We go to the mail and see the test message that the terminal sent to us:

This means that now all notifications, if we turned them on, will be sent to the mailbox.

As an example, we will use the Scalper Dream indicator:

In the indicator settings window, you can see the "EmailAlerts" setting:

If it is turned on, then when a buy or sell signal occurs, the indicator will automatically send us an email message through the terminal.

Similar settings are in some advisors. And when he opens a transaction, an email notification is sent to you. This can often be very convenient.

That's all. I hope that the information in the article was useful to you.

SMTP servers and ports for major mail providers

  • Yandex
  • Mail.ru
  • Rambler
  • Yahoo - does not work with MT4
  • Gmail
    aspmx.l.google.com (we write without specifying a port). For gmail, this is a limitation; you cannot forward it to other providers. Only gmail.

Watch the video: How to Setup the Email and Text function in MT4 (November 2019).

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