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Editor'S Choice - 2019

High-quality opening and modification of orders

Greetings, gentlemen forex traders! So, many of you, after our lessons, have already begun to write advisers, and as I see, pretty good. However, situations arise periodically when in a real account a trading expert cannot open or modify an order due to server errors (connection lost, requotes, etc.). This leads at least to a loss of potential profit, as a maximum to significant losses, for example, due to the fact that the EA did not set Stop Loss due to server errors.

So, our next MQL lesson is devoted to the development of the correct functions for opening and modifying orders and error handling.


  • Modify the OrderSendX function to work correctly with limit and stop orders and process the possible errors of these orders.
  • Write a function OrderCloseX, which will also correctly close an existing market order, of course with error handling.

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