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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Forex Setka Trader

“Stop bothering me with all sorts of Price Action, strategies and indicators! Give a program to cut the loot clearly and quickly !!! Itself!!! I do not have time." - Such comments from visitors periodically flash on the pages of our site. Want a dough? No question) Meet - Advisor Forex Setka Trader.

Features of Forex Setka Trader Advisor

Platform: Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.6
Currency pairs: GBPUSD
Timeframe: M1
Work time: round the clock
Recommended DC: Forex4you

Attention!!!Forex Setka Trader Advisor is extremely dangerous and can lead to the loss of the entire deposit!

So, Forex Setka Trader It belongs to the category of martingale advisers (increase in the lot when leaving trades in minus). Such robots bring the greatest income, but can at any time lead to the loss of all or most of the deposit. Our task is to periodically withdraw profit so that, having reached a profitability of 100%, continue to withdraw net earnings without risking the initial capital, because we brought him out.

In general, all the basic principles of trading dangerous advisers are described here in this article. Be sure to read it very carefully.

Account Monitoring

History testing

(pictures are enlarged by click)







As we see in the backtests, in some years our adviser merges, in some not. If it were not for the impressive monitoring of the real account (see above), I certainly would not write about this robot.

Tests on history again tell us about the importance of constantly taking profits, because Forex Setka Trader may one day lose the entire deposit. When this happens is unknown - it can last a year or two, or maybe just a few months. No one knows. But we can take these risks into account, adapt to them and, withdrawing 100% of the initial depot, get already risk-free profit. No less important is the appropriate size of the initial deposit, and we will continue our conversation about this.

Recommended Money Management

Forex Setka Trader opens orders with an increased lot when the first position moves to minus, and the further the position goes to minus, the more orders with an increased lot open. Naturally, to prevent margin calls from occurring and the robot to be able to close the pyramid of orders, we need to have certain funds in the account to use as collateral. Recommendations from developers on different lots and types of accounts can be found in the table below.

Account typeMinimum lot and lot stepMin starting depositBrokers Examples
Cent-NDD0.01$ 250 (25,000 cents)Forex4you
Classic0.1$250000The classic type of account with most brokers

The table clearly shows that the optimal solution for an ordinary trader is the Cent-NDD account in Forex4You. It does not require any excessive investments, but allows you to follow the recommendations for min. deposit for Forex Setka Trader adviser.

Installation Nuances

Until the moment Setka Trader is directly attached to the chart, its installation does not differ from other bots. Therefore, if you are a beginner, follow the standard instructions for installing advisors up to point N 6 inclusive.

But further in the installation of this bot there are some nuances. We need to attach it to 2 different charts (the timeframe and pair for the charts are the same - GBPUSD M1), setting the adviser only on purchases on one and only on sales on another chart. At the same time, not forgetting that the parameter Magic number must be different. Why do we need this? This is necessary for the adviser to build separate pyramids of orders for purchases and sales, which will slightly reduce the overall risk.

Here's how to do it:

1. Open 2 GBPUSD charts with the M1 timeframe.

2. First we attach the Forex Setka Trader with the mouse to the first chart, a settings window will appear. We are interested in the tab General. We expose Only Long positions on it. Click OK . Thus, we tell the adviser to open only purchases on this chart.

3. Now we attach the adviser to the second chart (do not touch the first one). Tab General we put Only shortso that the bot opens only sales.

4. In the input parameters of the adviser on the second chart, we need to change the add-in Magic number - the number should in no case be the same as that set on the first chart. Those. if on the first graph we have in the parameter Magic number costs 2024536, then for the second chart in Magic Number we put any other number. For example 2024537 .

In total, we got 2 GBPUSD M1 charts with the same Expert Advisor, but with different Magic Number (so that orders are not mixed up). One schedule for purchases, another for sales.

Description of settings

ShowTradeComment - on / off information on the chart about the adviser

Lots - starting lot for the first order.

MultiLotsFactor - multiplier for subsequent orders

Steplots - the number of points the market should move against the positions of the adviser to open an order of the next level.

TakeProfit - Take profit (in points)

UseTrailing - on / off trailing stop.

Trailstart - minimum profit that should remain after the trailing stop is triggered

Trailstop - trailing size

MaxOpenOrders - maximum allowed number of orders

SafeEquityStopOut on / off closing all positions when the amount of funds reaches less than the N-th level (set in the SafeEquityRisk parameter)

SafeEquityRisk - percentage of funds in the account that you allow to use Forex Setka Trader. The EA will close all orders if the funds in the account become less than the specified percentage. Only works when the SafeEquityStopOut parameter is enabled.

Slippage - allowable slippage when opening an order

Magicnumber - A unique numeric code that Forex Setka Trader assigns to its positions, so as not to confuse them with orders of other advisers and manual transactions. Do not forget that on two charts of the same currency pair the magic should be different!

Close_All_Orders - By default, this feature is always disabled. If you enable it, the adviser will simply close all its positions that were opened earlier.

Freeze after tp - when this function is enabled, Forex Setka will stop trading after reaching the take profit positions.


To summarize - the Forex Setka Trader adviser is profitable, but very risky. The most important thing when working with it is to constantly withdraw profits and comply with the recommended deposit amount (see above).

Important !!!

For the EA to work correctly, the trading terminal must be switched on from the market opening on Sunday evening until it closes on Friday evening. If you do not have the ability to keep the computer in working condition 24/5, then I advise you to useVPS server service.

Watch the video: Forex setka Trader финал Улучшенный алгоритм и высокая надёжность (November 2019).

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