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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Films about traders

Sometimes you want to relax and watch a good movie. And you can combine business with pleasure and see films about traders and about the exchange. Of course, do not expect that you will be told some kind of sacred knowledge, but at least you are provided with a charge of motivation. Below you can read an overview of the most interesting films about traders and immediately download them.

Wall Street

The main film about traders in the history of cinema. The story is about what insider trading and the craving for big money lead to. The role that made Charlie Sheen famous.
The main character of the picture, Gordon Gekko, became a role model for the thousands of successful managers who came to Wall Street, inspired by this film.

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Extremely weak continuation of the famous film. Loud advertising, the same director, but .... This is a story about the relationship between father and daughter, and that people change little over the years. We all remain who we really are. For viewing, I recommend only very stubborn fans of the first part.

Download Movie Wall Street: Money Does Not Sleep

Darkness / Limitless

Which of us did not dream of developing some kind of super-ability, for example, to become extremely intelligent? The hero of Bradley Cooper in the film “Areas of Darkness” succeeded with the help of tablets of a classified drug called NZT. In a short time, he becomes almost a super-person, makes a fortune on the stock exchange, is approaching great success .... But the pills have side effects.
A very good, motivating film with an unexpected ending.

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Margin Call / Margin Call

An attempt to show a simple layman how the last financial crisis began. For those who understand the financial markets, most of the dialogs will cause a smile, and for those who do not understand, the film will seem too boring. I think if it weren’t for the brilliant cast, no one would watch this movie at all.

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Wall Street Warriors

A documentary series about those who work on that famous street: traders, lawyers, fund managers, sales agents, etc. Perhaps the most useful object from our list of films about traders. The series was shot for ordinary viewers, so everything is shown very superficially. But to look at least out of the corner of mind at real traders who are turning millions of dollars is very interesting, informative and not bad.

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Season 1 Season 2

Rogue Trader

The real story of trader Nick Leeson, who bankrupted the oldest British bank Baring. The arrogance and stupidity of the actions of the protagonist involuntarily cause admiration, you follow what is happening on the screen without stopping, deeply empathizing with Nick. A great movie.
The main lesson - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT THE MARKET and do not try to “recoup”. The trend can only be followed, but in no case do not oppose it, holding unprofitable positions.

Download the movie con

A good year

Well, trading refers only to a few minutes at the beginning of the film, when we can see how the “big uncles” are fighting each other on the London Stock Exchange. Then the main character takes a vacation, leaves for Provence, meets Marion Cotillard ... Well, you understand 🙂

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Boiler Room

The young guy gets a broker (essentially a sales agent) in an unknown company, which is engaged in the fact that he sells people shares of one-day companies. A very interesting film, you can watch. Although I have been engaged in “aggressive marketing” for more than a year, my sales by phone, and even for large sums of money .... For me, this is something from the realm of fantasy. But in fact there are such sellers. Very strong people.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

The film is based on real events from the life of Chris Gardner, a single father, forced to live on the street, having gone through all the hardships and tribulations, then to open his own brokerage firm and earn millions of dollars. This is a very, very strong film. Even now, several years after watching, when remembering him, tears come to my eyes. I recommend this picture to EVERYTHING, regardless of age, gender, religion, etc. This movie can change your life.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

The story of one very ambiguous trader Jordan Belfort, who has seen a lot in his path: mountains of money, drugs, messy relationships, fear, despair, happiness. After the closure of the bank in which Jordan worked, he and his neighbor decide to open their own firm, Stratton Oakmont. Actually, the film is about how the boy created an empire from a small company, thanks to his own ingenuity, cunning and willpower. It’s worth looking at least because of the non-standard plot and the ingenious work of the film's editors.

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The Short Game / The Big Short

Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Christian Bale in the film based on Michael Lewis’s bestselling book The Big Short Game: The Secret Springs of a Financial Catastrophe about American financiers who managed to anticipate the 2007-2008 crisis and capitalize on it.

The film is very cool, the acting is great. With humor and evil irony, they explain to us “on the fingers” because of what the crisis of 2008 arose and how the pyramid of mortgage debts collapsed, which all those who are not too lazy to profit from.

Of the lessons useful to the trader, it is worth noting a clear demonstration that fundamental analysis can work with a VERY long delay, which is able to destroy your deposit if you make a mistake with the time factor.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the abundance of professional vocabulary, because of which the picture may be difficult for those who are "not in the know" to perceive.

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Outsider / L'outsider

A dramatic story about the backstage of trading inside one of the largest banks in the world - Société Générale. The film is based on real events and tells about the rise and fall of trader Jerome Cerviel, who at the height of the crisis of 2008 brought a loss to the bank in the amount of about 5 billion euros.
The picture will be of interest primarily to traders and those who are related to the world of finance by occupation.

The film is interesting, very similar to The Scam with Evan McGregor mentioned above.

As you might guess, history repeats itself and the mistakes of the past are rarely taught to a new generation.

What is noteworthy - Jerome Cerviel was a very good trader, he brought several billion profits to the bank during his career. But his overconfidence ruined him. Never let even a long succession overshadow your mind.

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