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FX News Alert Program

Greetings, comrades forex traders! When trading intraday, it is certainly worth paying attention to the release of important economic news (various statistics, speeches of politicians, etc.), and either do not trade during the releases of this data, or take them into account in your trading strategy. Today we will get acquainted with the program FX News Alert for Windows, which will help you not to miss the time of publication of data that can affect the movement of currencies.

1. The first step is to download and install the program.

We go to the office. the developers site at the link //www.fxnewsalert.com/ and click the button Free download.

The program installer package is downloaded to your computer. Next, open it with a double click and install in the same way as any other software for Windows. I don’t think that anyone will have any difficulties with this.

2. Launch FX News Alert.

The next event is highlighted in green Next Event CountDown shows how many minutes are left before him. In order for the statistics output time to be displayed correctly, we need to configure our time zone.

To do this, click the TimeZones button top right, and in the window that appears, select our time zone (GMT + 4.00 for Moscow time). Push Apply.

So, in the main window of the program we see a list of today's events. The currency is indicated, on the pairs with which the news will influence, the name of the event, the release time, the importance of the news, the forecast and the previous value (if this is some kind of statistics). All data is taken from the ForexFactory calendar.

News varies in importance:

High (red color) - possibly a strong influence
Medium (orange) - medium impact
Low (yellow) - weak or absent
Non-Economic (white) - non-economic events (holidays, etc.)

If you click on the button Impact (to the left of the news window), then all events will be colored depending on the degree of importance. There is a filter that allows you to disable the display of unimportant news and events related to currencies that you are not interested in. To configure the filter, click on the icon in the upper right part of the program window.

Under the list of events you can configure how many minutes before the event, the program will notify you with a sound signal. It is possible to change the sound of the "alarm" (the siren is by default) in the program settings (button ).

You can also minimize the program window, turning it into a convenient widget - this is done by clicking the icon .

3. Of the additional functions of the program, it is worth noting the ability to view the main data sources and their auto-updates directly from the program. To do this, click on Forex News Sites at the bottom of the FX News Alert window. Then a window will appear where you can view the main sources of forex news and even set your own. There is nowhere to get confused, I think you’ll figure it out.

OK it's all over Now. The Fx News Alert program is very simple and, having installed and a little "poking buttons", you can no doubt work with it without even knowing English.

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