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How to run 2 terminals from one broker at the same time

Task: there are 2 accounts opened with one broker. You want to use one account to trade advisors, and trade manually on another, without being distracted by EA positions. How to be Indeed, when installing a second terminal from the same DC, does the installer offer to simply check the first installation? The method is also very simple.

1. The first terminal is installed as usual.

2. Well, now we begin the installation of the second MT4.

Run the .exe installer, click the "Settings" button, where we will be asked to select the installation directory.

3. In the directory selection line, we change the name of the folder in which the terminal will be installed to any other, but, of course, so that you can later remember what folder 🙂 is.

For example, the default installation folder is called Alpari mt4, and we will change it to Alpari MT4 - 2to clearly separate the second terminal.

It was like this:

We do this:

We will also be offered to select a group in the "Programs" menu. We write down the same thing that was registered in the name of the installation directory (in our example Alpari MT4 - 2)

Click "Next" and complete the installation.

5. Now you can find both terminals through Start-> Programs and use them simultaneously.

Watch the video: How To Install Multiple MT4 Terminals With The Same Broker (November 2019).

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