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Editor'S Choice - 2019

CADtrader Advisor

Exclusive! History of the creation of a CADtrader Expert Advisor.

About Advisor

Platform: Metatrader4

Work time: round the clock

Currency pair: USDCAD

Timeframe: M5

How it was

It all started with the fact that Alfred Ebner, the author of the CADtrader adviser, found an old dusty book in the attic as a little boy. The book was so old and dusty that when he blew dust off it, the dust and the first few pages crumbled to dust. But this did not stop little Alfred from reading it. This book was called "Memoirs of a stock market speculator."

Since then, Alfred decided to become a trader. Years passed, the world entered the era of computers and the Internet. And once, already an adult Alfred heard about forex and immediately remembered his old dream. But since he was very lazy and did not want to sit at the computer for hours, he decided to make a magical robot that would do all the dirty work for him.

When creating the robot, the most difficult decision for Alfred was “Where and how to put Stop Orders?”. Stops can be set at support levels, Fibo lines, just at a certain distance from the entry point. But he did not like all these approaches ....

And so, on one of the sleepless nights, insight descended on Alfred. "The best point to set a Stop Order is the Margin Call level!"So in his head was born the" ingenious "concept of out-staying price movements.

«After all, while the position is not closed, there is no loss !!!"Thought the naive Alfie, inspired by his idea. Next, it was necessary to choose a currency pair more calmly. Remembering his grandmother from Canada, who conveyed his greetings to him in his will (without leaving a dime), Alf without hesitation chose USDCAD.

It took several weeks to create a complete version of the adviser, now known to us as CADtrader. But now the work is completed and Alfred conducts Backtests Advisor:

(All tests were performed with a constant lot of 0.1)





Looking at the test results, Alfred immediately suspected that "Something is wrong here." He could not understand why, but a mark of 0 on the growth chart of the balance sheet he was very worried about. Surely it was that very trader’s intuition that is talked about so much. It was clear that you should not use the adviser yourself.

In desperation, Alfie wandered around the pubs, satisfying his sadness with single malt whiskey and a company of promiscuous women. Just then, breathing in smoke from hash, he decided not to trade an adviser, but to sell it to gullible Internet users.

I made a site //www.cad-trader.com, threw a more or less beautiful backtest there (the rest is useless for buyers) and wrote a laudatory text about super-profits. Alf also heard that people love monitoring. He did not dare to open a real account ("What if the adviser does not last a month? Why should I lose my money? Let the buyers do it!"), And therefore did Monitoring demos ("These suckers still will not see the difference ..."):

The picture turned out beautiful and the expert’s sales went up. Alfred finally smiled at happiness.

But how much time will pass until the balance curve on the demo account reaches a key mark of 0? Who knows…

Download CADtrader Advisor

Important! Nuances of installation in the new Metatrader 4 builds

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