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How to monitor your account on Myfxbook

Hello. I think many of you have heard more than once about the importance of keeping a trading diary. Accounting and analysis of trading activity in your account, whether you trade with the help of advisers, or manually, is very, very useful.
But if you analyze reports from the terminal manually, it will be a very long and tedious task. Fortunately, there is a Myfxbook statistics service that performs all the analytics of your trading activities on the machine. You only need to provide the service with report data from the terminal.

In today's video tutorial, we’ll talk about how to add monitoring of your account on Myfxbook, as well as the basic features of this service (it is absolutely free).

1.Registered on the site //www.myfxbook.com

2.After registration, click Settings -> Add Account

3. Next, there are several ways: simple, complex, and using an adviser.

Easy way

1) Select "Metatrader4 (AutoUpdate)":

2) We indicate the name of the account (it can be any, a la “My system”), broker, type of account, server, login in MT4, investor password.

3) After that, click "Create Account". If you entered the correct username / password for the account, the system will notify you of this:

And it will offer a choice: “Go to monitoring your account” or “Set up public display” (by default, account monitoring is visible only to you).

4) Everything, in an easy way, no more extras. no action needed.

Hard way

1) As with the simple way, go to Settings-> Add Account.

2) Choose a platform Metatrader4 (Publisher), indicate everything that they ask (you can not specify the investor password, but in this case the history of your trade will not be confirmed). Click the "Save" button at the end of the page.

3) Again, go to the "Settings" page, look for our new account and remember its number.

4) Open the MT4 terminal (logged into our account for monitoring), click Tools-> Settings-> Publication, and put down the data as in the screenshot below.

5) Click OK.

After 10-30 minutes, the monitoring of our account will be updated.

Please note that when using the simple method, monitoring will be updated all the time, regardless of whether the terminal is turned on or not. But for updating data in a complicated way (through publication from the terminal), Metatrader4 must be online.

Monitoring an account using an adviser to update data

1) So, after clicking the “Add Account” button in the Settings section, select Metatrader 4 (EA).

2) .exe installer of the adviser will be downloaded to your computer. We launch it (on behalf of the administrator) and in the window that appears select the folder with MT4 where you want to install the adviser. If the terminal folder was not found automatically, you need to add it using the button Add.

3) Next, click the Install button and the adviser will be installed in our trading terminal. If you had it open, the terminal will need to be restarted.

4) We attach the adviser to any schedule, following the instructions for installing advisors, starting from point number 5.

5) In the advisor settings, indicate the update interval, your mailbox specified during registration with Myfxbook and the password for the Myfxbook account. Click OK.

6) A couple of minutes after the adviser’s work, you will have a new monitoring in the list of accounts on Myfxbook. You just have to add additional information (optional).

How to share your monitoring with the public and make it public?

Recently, myfxbook has changed the way accounts are verified for public monitoring. Now, to make an account public, you need to prove that it is you who own the account. Otherwise, this feature will not be available.

Solution: change password

Go to “Settings” to see a list of created monitoring. Next to the desired account, click “Edit”.

In the “Authorization password” field for this specific monitoring, a new investor password will be generated. Copy the password and go to MetaTrader 4.

Go to “Service” - “Settings” and select the “Server” tab.

Opposite the login and password fields, click “Change”.

Here we enter the current (trading) password from the account and select the checkbox “Replace investor password”. Below we enter a new password (generated by myfxbook) and click “OK”.

Now you need to update the investor password in myfxbook settings. We return to the site and click “Update Password”. In the field, specify the same generated password.

To initiate a connection to the account, click “Connect”.

If successful, the message “Account successfully logged in!” Will appear.

Now refresh the page - you will have the opportunity to make the account publicly available. To save the settings, click “Save”.

In order for others to see in your monitoring open positions, transaction history, etc. , do not forget to put additional ticks:

Alternative way: through order comment

If for some reason you can’t change the investor’s password, you can verify your account by setting a special comment on the order. To do this, go to the MT4 terminal and open the “New Order” window.

In the window for setting a new order, select “Pending order” and write in the comment field generated by the monitoring “Authorization password”. Click “Set Order”.

An open order should appear in the MT4 terminal window.

Now go back to the account settings and click “Connect”. Within 5 minutes, your account will be verified and verified.

If you copy the link from the browser to your monitoring page, it will give an error to other people. The correct link to your monitoring is at the very bottom of the page with it.

I also advise you to read the Help page, after which many questions on using the service will disappear from you: //www.myfxbook.com/help

Watch the video: MyFXBook Tutorial: How To Automatically Track Your Forex Trading Results in 2019 (November 2019).

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