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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Forex Advisers: Betelgeuse

Japanese scalper from the exclusion zone.

The other day I was “poked with a nose” at a forgotten adviser from merchants from the land of the rising sun.

What kind of beast is this?

Platform: Metatrader 4

Opening hours: Asian session (night)

Currency pair: EURUSD

Timeframe: M5

Since the appearance of the adviser, there has not been a single positive review on the network. Is the expert so bad? Let's look at the monitoring of real accounts (demo accounts for testing scalpers are useless):

The only real account with a confirmed trading history (i.e., it’s definitely not a demo)

There are still two real accounts from the authors of the adviser (but the trading history is not confirmed, therefore it is possible that this is a demo):

As you can see, the monitoring stopped updating at the beginning of March. Most likely, after the loss they did not start the update, sellers do it so often. I think you understand why 🙂

Also in the adviser there is an annoying bug: it confuses its orders on EURUSD with orders of other advisors and positions opened manually. Those. for him you need to open a separate account and establish a separate terminal.

After all of the above, you still have a desire to spend time meaninglessly on this?

For night trading on EURUSD, there is Shocker, there is Megadroid, why reinvent the wheel? Moreover, they promise to release the version of the shocker 3.0 soon. And I'm not talking about crafts from Russian hackers, but about the current version 3.0

Download Advisor

Important! Nuances of installation in the new Metatrader 4 builds

If you do not know how to put advisers, seeInstalling, configuring and trading forex advisors

Watch the video: Free Forex Robot - Betelgeuse Aggressive (November 2019).

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