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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Description of PipSniper Expert Advisor Settings

Parameter value for setting the PipSniper Expert Advisor

Authcode - everything is free for us, no codes need to be entered

MinLotSize - min. size of the trading lot to be used by the adviser

MaxLotSize - max size of the trading lot to be used by the adviser

Note: If you set the MinLotSize and MaxLotSize parameters to the same value, then we get trading with a fixed (unchanged) lot.

Tradelevel - risk level for each position as a percentage of available available funds (see EquityMode parameter) or from account balance

Equitymode - when enabled, TradeLevel will be based on the level of non-trading funds.

Stealthmode - when turned on, Take Profit and Stop Loss are not sent to the broker's server.

Pipiparget - take profit level (in points)

Stoploss - stop loss level (in points)

Timeprotect - indicates the time (in minutes) that the order is given to achieve the goal (Take Profit). After this period, the adviser will look for an opportunity to close the position with less profit.

Gmtoffset - deviation of the broker's server time from GMT

AutoGmtOffset - when trading in real time, this parameter is better to enable. Then the adviser will automatically determine the GMToffset value.

Note: when checking the adviser in the Strategy Tester, AutoGmtOffset must be disabled and set manually.
Here is an instruction on how to determine its value: How to set the correct GMT offset

Maxspread-maximum spread level (in points) for trading. If the spread exceeds this value, the EA will not open an order.

Reference - magic number: the code by which the adviser determines its positions can be any. However, it is impossible for two advisers to have the same magic on the same account. Otherwise, there may be confusion with orders.

TopPadding / LeftPadding / TextColor1 / TextColor2 - these settings are responsible for the appearance and location of information from the adviser on the chart.

Watch the video: Pip Sniper Welcome (December 2019).

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